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Find the Right People

Hundreds of HR Leaders from Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom contributed their insight and opinion on the topic Are You ready for the economic upswing?

Key business issues that over 90% the management boards are giving priority for HR to address are Talent Management, Management Development, Capability & Competence Management, Leadership Coaching and Employee Engagement. Likewise, the results of last year, all these priorities have a common denominator: find the right people, improve them, and engage them.

Find the Right People

In the past, to recruit employees, originations would simply advertise opportunities in the local press; engage a recruitment consultant or, more recently, post jobs online via the company website or on popular job boards. This ‘passive approach’, many claim, is on the way out. With recruitment being a short-term management board priority to 52% the respondents to address, today some more need to be done; with the advent of social media, one needs to be more proactive, by engaging with talent. Essentially, one needs to be where candidates are in order to engage them in the recruitment process.


Improve them

3% of the respondents in this survey note that there is no gap between the needed workforce and the current workforce. However approximately half of the organizations represented in this survey have a talent management program and just under 21% of this group has a program for high value specialists. In only 67% of the companies, a learning and development culture is in place. Just over 64% has a strong performance appraisal culture.


Engage them

In a period of rational endurance - when both companies and employees are collectively hunkered down to get the job done - engagement based largely or only on rational factors may be adequate. However, as the economy rebounds and choices open up for people, many are likely to consider moving to another employer. At that point, emotional engagement may be the only thing helping retain those people most critical to the business. It is therefore no wonder that to prepare for the upswing of the economy, 62% of the organisations have put Employee Engagement at the top of the list of areas that needs to be worked on, hence the depth and the width of this subject in this study.


Over Harvey Nash

Harvey Nash is een professionele organisatie voor detachering, contractmanagement, international executive search, werving & selectie en outsourcing & offshore. Harvey Nash wil dé leverancier zijn die, door continue innovatieve ontwikkelingen, dienstverlening aanbiedt die gericht is op ontzorging van de recruitmentprocessen van organistaties. Harvey Nash heeft zich tot doel gesteld waarde toe te voegen door voor vaste en tijdelijke posities Talent te leveren aan onze klanten en Talent beschikbaar te stellen via outsourcing.



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