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Inzet van arbeidbeperkte
1.Ja, in onze organisatie werken meerdere arbeidsperkten - 49% (49 stemmen)
2.Ja, in onze organisatie werkt 1 arbeidsbeperkte - 13% (13 stemmen)
3.Wel over gedacht - 17% (17 stemmen)
4.Nee, dit past niet in onze organisatie - 20% (20 stemmen)
Totaal aantal stemmen: 99« Terug
The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam is both iconic and famous. Besides being a bridge it is also a landmark and has become the symbol of the city. More than twenty years ago this bridge provided the breakthrough for architectural firm UNStudio and many prestigious projects subsequently followed. Since the founding of UNStudio in 1988 its portfolio has grown to comprise a wide variety of high profile p... Lees meer »